Quantcast Hospital Corpsman Revised Edition - Complete Navy Nursing manual for hospital training purposes

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Chapter 1 Anatomy And Physiology

Chapter 2 Fundamentals Of Patient Care

Chapter 3 First Aid Equipment, Supplies, Rescue, And Transportation

Chapter 4 Emergency Medical Care Procedures

Chapter 5 Poisoning, Drug Abuse, And Hazardous Material Exposure

Chapter 6 Pharmacy And Toxicology

Chapter 7 Clinical Laboratory

Chapter 8 Medical Aspects Of Chemical, Biological, And Radiological Warfare

Chapter 10 Emergency Dental Care And Preventive Medicine

Chapter 11 Physical Examinations

Chapter 12 Health Records

Chapter 13 Supply

Chapter 14 Administration

Chapter 15 Healthcare Administration

Chapter 16 Decedent Affairs Program

Appendix I History Of The Hospital Corps United States Navy

Appendix Ii Commonly Used Abbreviations

Appendix Iii Prefixes And Suffixes Used In Medical Terminology

Appendix Iv Common Pharmaceuticals

Appendix V Glossary

Appendix Vi Trademark Companies



Assignment Questions


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