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SICK CALL TREATMENT LOG A log referred to as the Sick Call Treatment Log is maintained for each ship or activity. The log contains each patient’s reporting date and time, name, rate, social security number, command, division, complaint, diagnosis, treatment, disposition, and departure time from sick call. When full, the log is retired in accordance with SECNAVINST 5212.5. BINNACLE LIST The Binnacle List, NAVMED 6320/18, is used to excuse an individual from duty for a period of 24 hours or less. This report is prepared by the senior medical department representative on board and should be submitted to the commanding officer no later than 0930 each day. This form contains a list of individuals recommended to be excused from duty because of illness. The list is approved by the commanding officer, and no names may be added without the CO’s permission. MORNING REPORT OF THE SICK The Morning Report of the Sick, NAVMED 6320/19, is used to excuse an individual from duty for a period of more than 24 hours. This report contains a list of the sick and injured, including names, diagnoses, and conditions. It is prepared by the senior medical department representative on board and is submitted to the commanding officer by 1000 daily. When it is necessary to excuse someone from duty after the Morning Report of the Sick is submitted, add the patient’s name to the Binnacle List, and submit the appropriate report to the commanding officer. If a patient is still unfit for duty when the next Morning Report of the Sick is submitted, add his name to the NAVMED 6320/19 as of the date on which his name was first entered on the Binnacle List. If a satisfactory diagnosis cannot be established, simply note “Diagnosis undetermined” and indicate the chief complaint. Report suspected cases of malingering to the commanding officer. TRAINING LOG All lectures and training periods that are part of the medical training program should be recorded in the Training Log and a notation made in the Medical Department Journal. The entries should include the date, location, type of training (GMT, etc.) or subject matter, and what department personnel received the training (Engineering, Deck, etc.). IMMUNIZATION LOG To aid you in annotating health records and filling out monthly medical reports, develop and maintain an immunizations log. As the minimum, the information should include the date; name; rank; social security number; immunization type; duty station; and, for personnel receiving PPDs, a contact phone number. There should also be space for adverse reactions. WATER TEST LOG The purpose of the water test log is to record the readings of daily residual chlorine or bromine levels and the weekly bacteriological examinations required on potable water aboard ship and in the field. APPOINTMENT LOG The purpose of the appointment log is to track medical consultations and clinical appointments that are scheduled by the Medical Department. When a patient is unable to keep an appointment, a notation indicating both the cancellation and rescheduling of the appointment should be made in the log. Multiple appointment cancellations by the same member should be brought to the attention of the member’s chain of command. DIRECTIVES ISSUANCE SYSTEM LEARNING OBJECTIVE: Recall the policies and procedures for maintaining directives, drafting correspondence, and filing. As a Hospital Corpsman in an administrative billet, you may be responsible for maintaining your command’s files and the CD-ROM library of Navy directives. Refer to SECNAVINST 5215.1 for complete details of your responsibilities. TYPES AND PURPOSES OF DIRECTIVES A directive may be an instruction (same as a Marine Corps order), a notice (same as a Marine Corps bulletin), or a change transmittal. Directives prescribe or establish policy, organization, conduct, methods, or 14-2


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