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Officer/Enlisted.” For missing personnel, complete the “Personnel Casualty Report (Missing/Missing in action), Report Symbol NMPC 1770-4 Officer/ Enlisted.” PERSONNEL CASUALTY REPORT A personnel casualty report must be completed for the following persons who become casualties:  Active duty Navy  Retired Navy  Certain former service members  Certain military dependents  Members of other Armed Forces  Civilians serving with or attached to Navy commands  Others whose deaths occur on naval reservations or aboard ships When a member becomes a casualty, his commanding officer should submit a personnel casualty report. However, if a service member becomes a casualty while away from his command, the command or activity that learns of the casualty occurring should submit the personnel casualty report. The member’s command should supplement the personnel casualty report that was previously submitted by another command. METHOD OF REPORTING CASUALTIES Personnel casualty reports should be sent by priority message. Action Addressees on Personnel Casualty Reports The following activities should be action addresses on personnel casualty reports: 1. Commander, Naval Military Personnel Command 2. Chief, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery 3. Casualty Assistance Calls/Funeral Honors Support (CAC/FHS) Program coordinators of the area in which the primary and secondary NOK reside, or the appropriate overseas CAC/FHS program coordinator 4. T h e N a v a l O ff i c e o f M e d i c a l / D e n t a l (MEDDEN) Affairs Information Addressees on Personnel Casualty Reports The following activities should be listed as information addresses on personnel casualty reports: 1. Secretary of the Navy 2. Navy Finance Center 3. Navy Family Allowance Activity, Cleveland (if the member reported is in a missing status, or if the status is being changed from missing to deceased) 4. The CAC/FHS program coordinator of the area in which the casualty occurred 5. The Chief of Naval Operations (if the casualty is incidental to operations, and on all reports of progress in searches for missing members) 6. The appropriate home port/station, type commander, appropriate operational and administrative commands, and the Enlisted Personnel Management Center (EPMAC) 7. The command or activity designated by the CAC/FHS program coordinator to provide casualty assistance 8. The Fleet Home Town News Center 9. The Naval Safety Center 10. The Judge Advocate General 11. The Appropriate Naval Legal Service Office (if the casualty is the result of other than natural causes) 12. The Armed Forces Institute of Pathology If the decedent was a Marine Corps member, follow the notification procedures and message formats contained in the MARCORCASPROCMAN, MCO P3040.4. NOTIFICATION OF NEXT OF KIN L E A R N I N G O B J E C T I V E : R e c a l l notification of next of kin procedures. In cases of death, primary next of kin are personally notified by a uniformed Navy or Marine 16-3


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