Quantcast Tray setup for a complex or impacted surgical extraction.

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Figure 5-57.—Tray setup for a complex or impacted surgical extraction. surgery. Verbal instructions are given only to emphasize the important written guidelines. to keep the gauze pack in place over the surgical site with light pressure until the hemorrhage stops or the gauze becomes saturated. Following surgery, many patients are so relieved the surgery is completed that they will try to talk and ask numerous questions. This should be firmly discouraged by explaining to the patient that healing depends on establishing good clots and steady light pressure. The gauze pack need not be replaced if bleeding has ceased. A slight ooze can be expected at times and could continue for a few hours. Stress to the patient that home care following dental surgery is important and recovery could be delayed if this is neglected. Inform the patient that some swelling, stiffness, and discomfort are to be expected. If these reactions are greater than expected, inform the patient to call or return to the dental clinic for care. The expected effect of anesthesia, both local and Advise patient to limit activities and avoid conscious sedation agents, if applicable, should be strenuous work or exercise for a few days after surgery. explained to the patient and escort. Inform the patient Caution the patient to keep the head elevated with 5-26


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