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Central fossa—Centrally located depression found on the occlusal surface of molars and mandibular second bicuspids. The other bicuspids have mesial and distal triangular fossa, but do not have a central fossa. Lingual fossa—Irregular, shallow depression found on the lingual surfaces of an incisor or cuspid. Triangular fossa—Located adjacent to the marginal ridges on the occlusal surfaces of posterior teeth. Two types of triangular fossae are mesial and distal. Groove—A small linear depression on the surface of a tooth. Developmental groove-Fissure between the cusps on the crown of the tooth. Cusp tips are the initial site where enamel develops. As the enamel develops and spreads laterally, it touches enamel developing from other cusps. This junction forms a developmental groove. Such grooves appear on the labial, buccal, and lingual surfaces, and are least apparent on the labial aspect of anteriors. Supplemental groove—A minor, auxiliary groove that branches off from a much more prominent developmental groove. They do not represent the junction of primary tooth parts and gives the occlusal surface a wrinkled appearance. 4-24


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